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In this tutorial, we will learn how to control the robot car using wireless gloves. We will use the MPU-6050 Gyro Accelerometer sensor for direction control. We will use the nRF24L01 + module to provide remote communication (data transfer). Of course, the heart of our project will be the Arduino board.

Required Hardwares
Arduino Uno R3 --
nRF24L01 --
nRF24L01 Power Adapter --
MPU6050 Gyro Sensor --
L298N H-Bridge Motor Driver --
Gloves --
18650 3.7v Li-Ion Battery with Charger --
18650 Battery Holder --
Mini Breadboard --
3 in 1 120 Pcs Jumper Wires --

Any Car Chassis:
Car Chassis Kit 1 --
Car Chassis Kit 2 --
DC Motor and Wheel --
Roller Bovine Wheel --
Acrylic Perspex Sheet --

Extra Hardwares:
DANIU Screwdriver Wallet Set --
Capacitor Kit --

Libraries (GitHub):
RF24 --
I2Cdev --
MPU6050 --

Download Source Code:

nRF24L01 Insufficient Power Problems | Tutorial

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